Based in Chesterfield, Missouri, provides consulting services for C Level executives interested in AI, Edge, Stack Modernization and Cloud Computing. With 20 years experience in the IT world, 10 of which in Lead positions for fortune 500 Public Cloud Offering Infrastructures, such as IBM’s GTS SmartCloud deployment, USTRANSOM’s CDE and CenturyLink Cloud/Edge as our proving grounds, we can help you get out of that jam, avoid the next one, expand your capabilities or maintain your current landscape.

We believe that every business should have access to honest answers that come from hard earned experience. Professionals that know the difference between Virtual Private Servers and Cloud Computing. Professionals that understand Return On Investment vs sustainability. People that understand SLA language is more impacting than price. (We are looking at you AWS)

We believe that your money is wisely spent investing in your staff and expanding their skills rather than compromising or changing the way you do business to fit a tool designer’s idea of how you should do business. Change the tool fit the nut, not the nut to fit the tool. In our experience, your staff will be happier and more productive.